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To create movement, in the Data community, it is our duty to ensure that we in Hibernian understand the strategy and needs of our clients so that we exercise sustainable impactful business wins through organizational design. 

Bonus Blues: To Quit or Not to Quit?

As the year draws to a close, the question of year-end bonuses becomes a focal point for many, especially how to respond when no bonus materialises.

Supporting candidates to make the right career transitions by educating candidates on “what else is out there” 

Supporting candidates to make the right career transitions by educating candidates on “what else is out there”  By Charlie Heyser, reposted from Linkedin. In the dynamic job market of today, the decision to transition roles is a pivotal step for many professionals. With an array of opportunities and factors to consider, individuals often seek guidance […]

Unlocking Hidden IT Talent: 9 Skills that Translate from Academia to a Future in Tech

Unlocking Hidden IT Talent: 9 Skills that Translate from Academia to a Future in Tech By Ann Dempsey, reposted from Linkedin. In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, finding the right talent for IT roles has become a strategic imperative for businesses. As hiring managers seek the best fit, one often overlooked source of exceptional […]

How to use generative AI in business

How can businesses harness generative AI to create value? What are possible use cases for AI, and what risks should we be aware of when using it?

How to hire and inspire Gen Z

Who are Generation Z? What do they look for in a job? And what steps can employers take to make themselves attractive to the Gen Z talent pool?

What will AI do to the freelancer market?

What impact are AI tools having on the freelancing market? How have clients, freelancers, and freelancing platforms responded to the challenge of AI?

Forgetting Covid: Is the pandemic over?

It has been three years since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, but where are we now? And more importantly, what will we remember?

What does the future of Secretaries look like?

Secretaries and support staff have begun to vanish the last years, their workloads outsourced and automated. What might the secretaries of the future look like?

What is Time Inequality?

People often like to say that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, but is success really determined by how we use those hours?

Can you lie? A Talk with ChatGPT

You have probably heard of ChatGPT, the chatbot that has taken the internet by storm. But what exactly is it, how does it work, and what can it do?

Can you lie? A Talk with ChatGPT

You have probably heard of ChatGPT, the chatbot that has taken the internet by storm. But what exactly is it, how does it work, and what can it do?

Tech Trends to Watch in 2023

An exploration of what technologies will be relevant in 2023. From AI to robotics or VR, where will we see exciting new developments?

How to Survive Christmas

Christmas can be stressful, but also an opportunity to think about what truly matters, and about closing out the old and starting the new year.

Why We Need to Rethink Hybrid Work

Finding the balance between remote work and a full return to office is hard. In many cases the solution is to improve upon hybrid work structures.

How to combat the Burnout Epidemic

Burnout is affecting most workers and has negative impacts at the micro and macro level. What steps can employees and managers take to combat it?

What is the Human Cost of Layoffs?

When talking about layoffs, we often fail to consider the human cost – how has being laid off affected the now ex-employees?

Why more employers are hiring freelancers

The freelancer market is booming, but are companies hiring more freelancers? And what advantage do freelancers have over traditional employees?

What is the strength of weak ties?

What is the strength of weak ties, how are algorithms involved and what does it mean for employment prospects and networking?

How to harness OKRs as a freelancer

What are OKRs (objectives and key results)? How do you use them to measure success? And why might they be ideal for freelancers?

The pros and cons of being a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing market segments. But what makes it so desirable? What are the freedoms and challenges of going freelance?

The Benefits of an Office Dog

Office dogs, or dog-friendly offices are slowly becoming more common. But what are the benefits of bringing your dog to work? And what should you consider?

Burnt out? Consider a workation

The idea of the workation long predates Covid-19. As the pandemic has made remote working normal, the workation has become more popular. But whats a workation?

The Case of Timnit Gebru

“I would give a talk at the UN, and then the next day they would wonder if I could even be a manager.” Timnit Gebru to Vice You may have heard of Timnit Gebru. If you are interested in Ethics and AI, you may know her as a high-profile researcher who is an outspoken advocate […]

Big Tech Hiring Freeze – An opportunity for Jobseekers

Big Tech Hiring Freeze – An opportunity for Jobseekers In the last few months, we have seen hiring freezes coming from tech giants (such as Microsoft, Tesla and Google) as well as layoffs from a number of start-ups (think Robinhood, Coinbase and Getir). Some think it’s the sign of an oncoming recession and the bursting […]

Continuing Layoffs in Tech Companies

Continuing Layoffs in Tech Companies The internet is rife with reports of continuing layoffs, primarily in tech companies, which have been on the rise since April of this year. In fact, according to the website layoffs.fyi, this is the largest wave of layoffs since the beginning of the pandemic in April and May of 2020. […]

Hiring Women in STEM

“Women are hired and promoted based on proof, while men are hired and promoted based on potential.” Jessica Nordell, Author of The End of Bias Women are significantly underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics). As I mentioned last week, only about 32,5% of people studying STEM subjects in Germany are women, and only […]

We need more Women in STEM

“The future engineer is a woman” In its report last autumn, the German Economic Institute reported that only 32.5% of the people currently studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects in Germany, were women. Further, women only make up 15,5% of people employed in STEM related jobs. Both these figures are slightly higher than […]

The Four-Day Work Week

“It would give us time to be whole human beings. We need care, connection and other good things – we aren’t just economic instruments” – Anne-Marie Slaughter (New America CEO) The four-day work week is not a new phenomenon. In the last years, an increasing number of surveys and studies have been published, most of […]

Returning to the Office in the Age of Remote Working

If you don’t show up, we will assume you have resigned. – Elon Musk A few weeks ago Ian Goodfellow, the then Head of Machine Learning at Apple, made headlines by quitting over the company’s Return to Office (RTO) policy. This hybrid policy will have workers coming into the office three set days a week […]

The Great Resignation – What does it mean?

In May 2021, Anthony Klotz – an associate professor of business management at Texas A&M University – predicted the coming of a “Great Resignation”, largely because of Covid. Klotz argued that due to “pandemic related epiphanies” – which might include burnout, pressure to return to the office or a change of priorities – people would […]

Between art, academia and AI – Notes on an Interview with Suresh Nampuri

“When atoms collide, that’s physics. When humans collide, we call it theatre.” Suresh Nampuri is a storyteller. In his day job he is a researcher in string theory and quantum physics, currently at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisbon. He is fascinated by gravity: the physical force we learn about earliest in our lives, […]

How to get Snowflake Certified

You may have heard of Snowflake before: the cloud-based data warehousing platform which takes advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud while letting its users experience all the benefits of its SaaS offering. You may have seen that you can get Snowflake certified, or even our video announcing that Hibernian is now a […]

Five key themes which will reshape the future of work – a Bain& Company report

“Now is the time to focus the human side of work, which will allow leading firms to attract, develop and retain the workforce that is core to their future success.” – James Root, partner at Bain& Company and Bain Futures co-chair This project by Bain& Company cast a huge net, surveying 20.000 workers across multiple […]


Nachdem wir letzte Woche uns mit dem Thema der Altersdiversität beschäftigt hatten, befassen wir uns diese Woche mit der wohl am häufigsten diskutierten Art der Diversität, der Geschlechterdiversität.  In vielen Unternehmen dominiert ein Geschlecht und führt zu einem Geschlechter-Ungleichgewicht. Passend zum am 08. März stattfindenden Weltfrauentag, werfen wir einen Blick auf die Tech-Branche und der […]

Pay gap gender diversity

After looking at the topic of age diversity last week, this week we look at what is probably the most commonly discussed type of diversity, gender diversity. In many companies, one gender dominates, leading to a gender imbalance. In keeping with International Women’s Day, which takes place on March 08, we take a look at […]

Vom Senegal zur IT. Eine Erfolgsgeschichte

Beim Recruiting geht es um Menschen. Jeder Mensch bringt seine eigene Geschichte, seine eigenen Beweggründe und Motivationen mit sich. Um Arbeitnehmer und Arbeitgeber zusammenzuführen, lohnt es sich oft, sich diese Geschichten näher anzuschauen.  Heute erzählen wir die Geschichte von John. Er ist im Senegal aufgewachsen und hatte sich schon sehr bald für die Informatik interessiert […]

From Senegal to IT. Inspiring people

Recruiting is about people. Each person brings their own story, motives and motivations. To bring employees and employers together, it often pays to take a closer look at these stories.  Today, we’re telling John’s story. He grew up in Senegal and very soon became interested in computer science and graduated from a computer science school. […]


Die nächsten Wochen beschäftigen wir uns auf unseren Kanälen mit dem Thema Diversität. Aber was bedeutet das eigentlich? Diversität kommt aus dem Lateinischen und bedeutet Vielfalt und Vielfältigkeit. Der Begriff Diversität fokussiert auf Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede zwischen uns Menschen. Dabei stehen historisch gewachsene gesellschaftliche Differenzsetzungen im Mittelpunkt, die soziale Ungleichheiten hervorgebracht haben.  So zum Beispiel […]


Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the topic of diversity on our channels. But what does that actually mean? Diversity comes from Latin and means variety and diversity. The term Diversity focuses on the similarities and differences between us humans. The focus lies on historically evolved societal differentiations that have created […]

Intern in interview Inspiring people

Lots of inspiring people work at Hibernian Recruitment. We will introduce them to you! We will start with Mary. She is an intern at Hibernian. We asked her about her path through life and how she got here. Germany is a very popular destination for many foreign workers searching for employment and adventure. Many dream […]

Intern in interview Inspiring people

Bei Hibernian Recruitment arbeiten viele inspirierende Menschen. Wir stellen sie euch vor! Den Anfang macht Mary. Sie ist Praktikantin bei Hibernian. Wir haben sie zu ihrem Lebensweg befragt. Deutschland ist für viele ausländische Arbeitnehmer als Arbeitsort sehr beliebt. Viele Träumen von einem Job bei den großen deutschen Firmen, wie BMW, Mercedes oder SAP. So auch […]

6 Milliarden Euro Projekt. EU will eigenes Satelliten-Internet

Noch im Dezember 2020 startete die EU-Kommission eine Studie, die zeigen soll, ob die EU in der Lage wäre, ein eigenes Satelliten-Internet auf die Beine zu stellen. Diese Studie kostet der EU 7,1 Millionen Euro. In Sachen stabilen Internet-Ausbau landete die Europäische Union schon häufiger in der Kritik. Das soll sich nun ändern.Das von dem […]

6 billion euro project. EU wants own satellite internet

As recently as December 2020, the EU Commission launched a study to show whether the EU would be able to set up its own satellite Internet. This study will cost the EU 7.1 million euros. When it comes to stable Internet expansion, the European Union has often been criticized. This is now set to change.  The […]

The possibilities of AI and Deep Learning. When an algorithm writes poetry

Goethe, Schiller or Shakespeare. These are the great poets of the past. Poets who, even after centuries, have managed to remain en vogue in our fast-changing world. But who says that computers -or more precisely algorithms -can’t also be creative? Literary critics were astonished when the Brentano society, one of the most renowned literary associations, […]

Die Möglichkeiten von KI und Deep Learning, wenn ein Algorithmus Gedichte schreibt

Goethe, Schiller oder Shakespeare. Das sind die großen Dichter vergangener Zeit. Dichter, die es geschafft haben auch nach Jahrhunderten immer noch in unserer schnell wandelnden Welt en vogue zu bleiben. Aber wer sagt, dass nicht auch Computer – genauer gesagt Algorithmen kreativ sein können? Da staunten Literaturkritiker nicht schlecht, als 2018 die Brentano-Gesellschaft, eine der […]

Die Vergangenheit aufleben lassen. Wie Cobol durch Corona erneut an Wichtigkeit erlangt.

Cobol – eine veraltete Programmiersprache, die primär für Business-Analysen auf Mainframes bis zu den 1950er Jahren zum Einsatz kam. Diese Programmiersprache gelangte durch die Corona-Pandemie erneut in die Schlagzeilen. Doch in welchem Zusammenhang steht diese weltweite Krise mit einer fast vergessenen Technologie? Die Corona-Pandemie kostete vielen Menschen in den letzten Monaten ihren Arbeitsplatz – besonders […]

Reviving the past. How Cobol is regaining importance through Corona.

Cobol – an outdated programming language used primarily for business analysis on mainframes until the 1950s. This programming language hit the headlines again with the Corona pandemic. But what is the connection between this worldwide crisis and an almost forgotten technology?  The Corona pandemic cost many people their jobs in recent months – especially in […]

Wie Zertifikate den Vorteil bringen Jobsuche – leicht gemacht!

Besonders in IT-Berufen sind heutzutage noch häufig Quereinsteiger zu finden. Quereinsteiger zu sein, ist auch erst einmal nichts Schlechtes. Dennoch fällt es vielen schwer, ihr selbst angeeignetes Wissen auf dem spezifischen Arbeitsfeld bei der Jobsuche unter Beweis zu stellen. Hier können Zertifikate helfen. Immer mehr Menschen finden ihre Bestimmung in IT-Berufen. Doch wer denkt, man […]

How certificates make the difference and give an edge advantage Job search – made easy!

Particularly in IT professions, there are still many career changers these days.  There is nothing wrong with being a career changer at first. Nevertheless, many find it difficult to prove their self-acquired knowledge in the specific field of work when looking for a job. However, in today’s world, there is a myriad of choices For Self-paced Learning where a certified certificate can be achieved.  More […]

Die EU-DSGVO Datenschutz neu gedacht

Seit dem 25. Mai 2018 gelten in allen Mitgliedsstaaten der Europäischen Union erstmals einheitliche und verpflichtende Regeln im Umgang mit personenbezogener Daten. Darunter gehören alle Daten, mit deren Hilfe eine Person identifiziert werden kann. Angefangen beim Namen, bis hin zu beispielsweise den Merkmalen kultureller Art. In der sogenannten DSGVO (Datenschutz-Grundverordnung) ist die Gesetzeslage zusammengefasst.  Es ist keine Neuigkeit, dass viele Unternehmen ihren Profit durch persönliche Daten des Verbrauchers generieren. Ein Beispiel das wohl jedem bekannt […]

The EU-DSGVO Data protection new Thought

We live in a global world and are being protected by legal systems that are defined by borders where data is omnipresent. Since 25 May 2018, uniform and binding rules for handling personal data have been in force in all member states of the European Union for the first time. This includes all data that can be […]

Wie Corona die Wettervorhersage verändert

Wie Corona die Wettervorhersage verändert F lugzeuge transportieren nicht nur Personen oder Fracht. Nein – sie sind auch ein wichtiger Informationslieferant für Meteorologen. So sammeln Flugzeuge während des Fluges Wetterdaten, zum Beispiel zur Temperatur, Windgeschwindigkeit oder Luftfeuchte und senden sie zu Bodenstationen. 1991 wurde das internationale Programm AMDAR (Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay) von der Weltorganisation […]

How Corona changes the weather forecast

How Corona changes the weather forecast Aircrafts not only transport people or freight. No – they are also an important source of information for meteorologists. Aircrafts collect weather data during flights, for example on temperature, wind speed or humidity, and send it to ground stations. In 1991 the international program AMDAR (Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay) […]

Welche Auswirkungen wird der zweite Lockdown auf unsere Wirtschaft haben?

Welche Auswirkungen wird der zweite Lockdown auf unsere Wirtschaft haben? Es gab einen kurzen Hoffnungsschimmer, als sich die Wirtschaft in Deutschland erholte und sich die Regeln nach dem ersten Lockdown allmählich wieder lockerten. Doch dann stiegen die COVID-19-Fälle in alarmierendem Tempo wieder an. Viele Regierungschefs, darunter auch Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, zeigten ihre Besorgnis über den […]

What will be the impact of the second lockdown on our economy?

The German economy had been gradually recovering after the easing of the restrictions of the first lockdown. Rays of hope had begun to draw in until recently when cases of COVID-19 started rising again at an alarming rate. Many government leaders, Chancellor Angela Merkel included, expressed their concerns about this rapid rise. In a meeting […]

Different worlds: From HP to BMW

Different worlds: From HP to BMW A few years ago I had the opportunity to change from HP to BMW as an IT specialist, and although in my late 40s, I embraced the change and mentally and emotionally prepared myself to seize this new job opportunity, after 15 years in HP. Not that I didn’t […]

Unterschiedliche Welten: Von HP zu BMW

Unterschiedliche Welten: Von HP zu BMW Vor ein paar Jahren bot sich mir die Möglichkeit als ITler von HP zu BMW zu wechseln, welche ich natürlich sofort ergriffen habe. Nicht, dass ich nicht gerne bei HP gearbeitet habe, ich habe der Firma und den Leuten viel zu verdanken, aber BMW ist ja nicht umsonst als […]

Warum die kulturelle Übereinstimmung einer der wichtigsten Faktoren bei der Personalsuche ist

Warum die kulturelle Übereinstimmung einer der wichtigsten Faktoren bei der Personalsuche ist Unternehmen sind wie Menschen, sie haben Persönlichkeiten. In den letzten Jahren haben Unternehmen erkannt, dass die Anpassung der Kultur nicht nur ein “nice to have” ist, sondern einer der elementarsten Faktoren, genau wie die technischen Fähigkeiten der Kandidaten. Wir werden untersuchen, warum sich […]

Why cultural fit is one of the most important factors in hiring

Why cultural fit is one of the most important factors in hiring Businesses are like people, they have personalities. During the last couple of years companies have been beginning to realize, that fitting the culture is not merely a “nice to have”, but one of the most elemental factors, right up there with the candidates […]

Wie sich das Coronavirus auf Personalvermittlungsunternehmen auswirkt

Wie sich das Coronavirus auf Personalvermittlungsunternehmen auswirkt Da das Leben in Bayern langsam zum Stillstand kommt und die Regierung über die Durchsetzung einer Ausgangssperre debattiert, untersuchen wir die Auswirkungen der Corona-Pandemie auf die Unternehmen im Bereich der Personalbeschaffung. Die meisten der Kunden, für die wir rekrutieren, sind Großunternehmen mit einer beträchtlichen Anzahl von Mitarbeitern. Einige […]

How the Coronavirus is impacting recruiting companies

How the Coronavirus is impacting recruiting companies As life in Bavaria is slowly grinding to a halt and the government debates whether to enforce a curfew, we examine the effects that the Corona pandemic is having on businesses in the field of staffing. Most of the customers we recruit for are large scale companies with […]

Die Gründe, warum München der beste Ort in Deutschland zum Leben ist

Während sich die meisten Artikel, die in der nahen Vergangenheit über München geschrieben wurden, auf die hohen Mietpreise, die Wohnungsknappheit und die astronomischen Kosten für Oktoberfestbier konzentrierten, dachten wir, wir würden Ihnen eine andere Perspektive auf die Stadt, die wir Heimat nennen, geben.

The reasons Munich is the best place to live in Germany

While most articles that have been written about Munich in the near past have been focussing on the high rent prices, the housing shortage and the astronomical cost of Oktoberfest beer, we thought we would give you a different perspective on the city we call home.