How Covid-19 has shaped the onboarding process

As the shutdown has been extended indefinitely employers must explore new solutions to the hiring and onboarding process. Here are some tips that we can give you to make the process easier.

1. Introduce them to the entire team!

Although the job of onboarding usually falls to the HR department, putting a face to the people you will work with is of invaluable importance. Under normal circumstances, fresh hires would get to know the team over the first couple of days but due to the current situation, this should be done digitally. A group call that gives the fresh hire a short introduction of everybody he or she will have direct contact with will make everybody a lot more comfortable going forward! We are currently using the video communications company Zoom and it has served us very well in the past weeks.

2. Have the person introduce him- or herself!

Having a good understanding of your new employees experience is very valuable. Tell the candidate to give a short rundown of his or her experiences. Ask very specific questions about what they consider themselves most skilled at. If your company has a relaxed and cordial atmosphere feel free to ask some slightly personal questions like what do you enjoy doing in your spare time etc. This helps to create a better working environment for all parties involved.