The German economy had been gradually recovering after the easing of the restrictions of the first lockdown. Rays of hope had begun to draw in until recently when cases of COVID-19 started rising again at an alarming rate. Many government leaders, Chancellor Angela Merkel included, expressed their concerns about this rapid rise. In a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, October 28, 2020, the Chancellor proposed a ‘lockdown light’ which would see the closure of restaurants and bars and the ban of events in heavily affected federal states, Bavaria being one of these. As per the federal system, the state of Bavaria has introduced a second COVID-19 lockdown, which has left many people panicking about the negative effects on the economy. The lockdown could well lead to internal travel restrictions and a decline of footfall for businesses in Bavaria, especially in Munich. Many of these businesses barely survived the first lockdown. Unless the federal government once again financially supports small and medium sized enterprises, the economy of Germany could possibly stoop to an all-time low.

A few tips on activities to do during the lockdown

It looks like the residents of Munich might have to spend more of their time indoors this fall. Fortunately, this lockdown did not catch us by surprise like the first one did. Most people had already adapted to staying in and working from home.

What activities could you do in your home during this second lockdown to bring a bit of light into those dark evenings? Well, you could use this time to develop a skill you´ve always wanted to learn or to work on that project that has been stuck on your mind for a long time. You could bond with your family and other members of your household by spending time playing board games, charades, and arranging movie and study nights. You could declutter your cellar, your garage or your closet. Think of the indoor activities you have always wanted to do but never had the time for. Ensure, however, that you always keep safe and warm. During these challenging times, be assured that there will be a better tomorrow.

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