Lots of inspiring people work at Hibernian Recruitment. We will introduce them to you! We will start with Mary. She is an intern at Hibernian. We asked her about her path through life and how she got here.

Germany is a very popular destination for many foreign workers searching for employment and adventure.

Many dream of a job at large German companies such as BMW, Mercedes or SAP just like our intern Mary. She s from Cameroon but has been living in Germany for the past 6 years. Before receiving her visa she studied the German language. After that she moved to the beautiful city of Mannheim. The beautiful city on the Rhine offers more than a beautiful baroque palace, it is also the home of one of Germanys most prestigious universities. Hear Mary began her studies. 

The first semester was very tough. As non-German native studying at a German speaking university can be a real challenge. “I was very shy at the start.” Her teachers told her to be more open and take the initiative. Only by doing that your fellow students can give you important tips that can help you during your studies and give you a better idea on what subjects you should take to further your career.

Then came the internship. After sending over 30 applications through a lucky coincidence she found Hibernian Recruitment and had found the perfect internship. For the last five months now, Mary has been working on doing process optimization and integration. “I was allowed to experiment in different fields like for example bookkeeping and was able to see different parts of the company. What was the most exciting for me was process optimization.” Here Mary worked on linking various software programs to make the recruitment process work smother.

After almost 5 months in Munich it’s time to say goodbye, it’s time to continue studying. After graduating business informatics, Mary wants to get a job at a big one Software company. “Working at SAP would be great!” We from Hibernian wish her all the success in the world and hope she succeeds at finding a suitable software house to work for! 

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