You may have heard of Snowflake before: the cloud-based data warehousing platform which takes advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud while letting its users experience all the benefits of its SaaS offering. You may have seen that you can get Snowflake certified, or even our video announcing that Hibernian is now a Snowflake partner. Here is a brief guide to the learning materials that are available about Snowflake, and what you should do to get certified.

  • Free Courses

There are a lot of materials freely available via the Snowflake website. If you are entirely new to Snowflake, the “Level-up” series might be right for you. It offers modules on all kinds of basic topics around Snowflake and is great to get an initial insight and understanding. There is also the “Hands-on Essentials” workshop series which is interactive and allows you to submit your work at the end for a completion badge. Beyond that there is a constant stream of webinars available on the website which cover a wide array of topics.

  • Free Study Guides

For every Snowflake certification there are free exam study guides, which give a good overview what is covered on the exams. These are helpful when preparing for the exam to come itself, but do not guarantee a passing score.

  • Paid Training, or On-demand Courses

To truly prepare for the exam, there are two routes you can take depending on your preferred style of learning. As with the study guides there are virtual-classroom trainings available for the fundamental core certification, as well as the advanced, role-based certifications. These usually take between two to four days and consist of lectures, demos and labs. If you prefer self-paced learning, there is the option of the on-demand preparation course which allows you to work through the material at your own speed.

  • Register and take the Exam

Once you have completed all your preparations, you can register and take the exam. It is available online or in various on-site testing centres, takes two hours and is made of a mix of multiple choice, multiple select and true/false questions. If you pass the exam, you will receive your certification badge which is valid for two years, at which point re-certification is necessary.

  • And after that?

If you have two or more years of practical experience with Snowflake and are SnowPro Core Certified, you could even get further certification. The SnowPro Advanced series consists of five further certifications which are more role-based. While some of these are still in development, the SnowPro Avanced: Architect, Engineer and Data Analyst exams are already live and open for registration. More information, as well as the links to access the free materials, can be found at

And if you already know all about Snowflake, are certified and looking for a job? Then browse our website for Snowflake-related jobs or directly contact our recruiter Jakob at to see if he can help you find something that fits you.