“Everyone can be an expert, what is it that makes you special?”

In this interview Laura sat down with us to discuss some tips she has for start-up founders. One of the most important things she says, is to know what your vision is. What is it that you do, who you are trying to reach with it and why you should lead this innovation?

Laura has an extensive history working in, and bringing success to start-ups, however now she works as an independent consultant. Working with experts, founders, and innovators to help them clarify their vision and win trust for their projects. To do this she has developed a method based on the idea of superpowers. Think of superheroes – no two have the same specific powers or backstories, and they fight different villains and solve different crises. What we need to consider then, is what our personal superpower is – how are you uniquely qualified and passionate to lead and provide a solution to a problem?

Knowing, and being able to communicate this to others, whether they are customers or investors, is key to generating trust. This is also important in terms of branding. Letting people know your focus, as well as what makes you or your solution different, is how you can set yourself apart. In tech start-ups that can very simply boil down to how your technology is different from everything else that is on the market right now. However, trust and vision are not enough to carry you to success. Something that people very easily overlook, says Laura, is simply googling your competition.

In a sports match you would try to understand your competition, how they tick and what strategy might be best to beat them. In this case it works the same. You need to know who your competition is, how their technology is different from yours and how they position themselves to customers. Indeed, how you position yourself is important too. Who is your “dream” customer, and how do you attract them?

If you succeed, you will be faced with growth, which means you will need to hire people. When looking for candidates it is important to find people who are a good fit for your project, not just in terms of their experience, but also in what kind of work culture they look for. Therefore, it is key to understand what kind of team you already have, and what your goals are. According to Laura, a tool like Linkedin is essential and very valuable in positioning yourself clearly to candidates, competitors, and investors.

The bottom line then is perhaps, to be successful you must know yourself. To think deeply about what your vision and your story is. To understand your product and who your customers are. And to amplify that through branding, positioning and even through your hiring.

Watch the full interview here https://youtu.be/0sXEBm7KrYY. You can find out more about Laura’s company, the Project Renaissance Innovation Advisory here https://www.project-renaissance.com/