Our tips to finding an apartment in Munich

Finding an apartment in Munich can be complicated. We have compiled our personal tips and tricks so that you have an easier time finding a new home.

Bring the right paperwork

When Applying for an apartment in Munich, you will need to bring more documents than to any job interview. Landlords want to see at least your Schufa (credit report) and employment contract. Not having this with you while viewing the apartment will almost certainly disqualify you from being considered. Our tip: Get your previous landlord to write you a recommendation! It massively increases your chances.

How to behave when viewing an apartment

There are three major rules to follow when viewing an apartment in Munich. Be on time, be polite and if you are moving in with a partner bring him/her along! You will most likely not be the only people interested in the apartment so you have to make a good first impression! Picking up an extra coffee on your way to an early morning viewing can make all the difference!