The reasons Munich is the best place to live in Germany

While most articles that have been written about Munich in the near past have been focussing on the high rent prices, the housing shortage and the astronomical cost of Oktoberfest beer, we thought we would give you a different perspective on the city we call home.

The Bavarian city capitals appeal comes mostly from the high quality of life that it offers its residence. It is not only one of the architecturally most appealing cities of Germany, but its inhabitance can enjoy various cultural offerings, such as the many great museums dotted around Munich. Whatever your taste in art, we definitely have you covered. The more sophisticated crowd can also visit the impressive Bavarian State Opera, while less genteel people can take a late-night trip into the Glockenbach viertel, for a nice cold beer at a rooftop bar. Be sure to let us know if you do, as that is one of our preferred pastimes.

When it comes to its economic structure, Munich is not only the best in Germany, but one of the front-runners in the world. Many highly successful companies such as BMW, Allianz and Siemens are headquartered here, so there is ample opportunity for anyone to succeed. If you need a break from a stressful day at the office Munich can offer that too. Just visit one of many national parks for a quick jog or take a picnic basket and unwind in the sun.

These are just some of the many factors, why an Irish man from London, a woman from Dublin, and a half German have picked this part of the world to base their newest adventure.

Rooftop bar: