Bonus Blues: To Quit or Not to Quit?

Written by Charlie Heyser.

As the year draws to a close and holiday cheer slowly starts to fill the air, the question of year-end bonuses becomes a focal point in many companies. However, when the expected bonus fails to materialize, the choice to leave a job can be a challenging decision, with both advantages and drawbacks.

Reasons for quitting over a missed bonus:

  • Financial dissatisfaction: For many the bonus is a significant part of annual income.
  • Value recognition: Bonus often reflects an employee’s contributions.
  • Opportunity for better prospects: Leaving might lead to better opportunities.

Cons of quitting over a missed bonus:

  • Losing financial stability: No backup plan can lead to financial stress.
  • Career repercussions: Abrupt departure may impact future opportunities.
  • Possibility of improved circumstances: Delayed bonuses might still arrive.

Alternatives before quitting:

  • Communicate with management for clarification.
  • Evaluate overall job satisfaction beyond the bonus.
  • Explore other opportunities within the company.

A decision such as quitting a job due to a missed bonus should involve careful assessment, considering financial, professional, and personal implications. Addressing concerns with management or exploring internal opportunities may offer more viable solutions than immediate resignation. Should you be considering moving on, we at Hibernian Recruitment are very happy to speak with you about various potential opportunities in our network. You can find us here.