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About Hibernian Recruitment

We have extensive experience working in the field of IT in both consulting and staffing. With industry knowledge totalling 45+ years we pride ourself in finding suitable prequalified candidates for our esteemed customers.

Ann Dempsey


Oliver Doyle


Charlie Heyser

Senior Recruiter

Jakob Krendlinger


René Wencelides

Finance and Organizer

Nicole Nibel

Senior Recruiter

Shermey Müller

Praktikant – Researcher & Helper

Nikolas Herrscher

Junior Recruiter


Head of Sausage Consumption


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What clients & candidates say?

Read the reviews about our services from our clients.

“We can always rely on Hibernian Recruitment. The speed and quality with which qualified candidates are presented to us speaks for itself. Thanks to the good pre-selection of their recruiters, we have not yet had an interview with an applicant who did not fit the position or our company values at all. Our contact person knows exactly what and who we are looking for. Communication is simple, clear and fast, which makes our work much easier.”

“I highly appreciate that Hibernian invest a lot of time to understand our business, culture and people, as well as the role we are recruiting for. This has helped to source high caliber candidates not only with a strong fit for our data technology, but as important to our company culture. It is a pleasure working with the team at Hibernian, and I am very confident with the candidates they submit.”

“Für mich die genau passende Stelle gefunden.
Immer an meiner Seite, regelmäßiger Kontakt und Austausch.
Dank Frau Nibel von Hibernian Recruitment GmbH ein besseres Gehalt verhandelt.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Ihrer Arbeit und bedanke mich für die tolle Unterstützung.”

„In Zeiten wo man sich als Studium-Absolvent von vielen (unseriösen) Recruitern buchstäblich belagert fühlt, ist es wirklich erfreulich mit Menschen wie Frau Nibel Bekanntschaft machen zu dürfen. In folgenden Punkten hebt sich Frau Nibel von der breiten Masse ab:
•  Erstkontakt: direkt, personalisiert und vor allem konkret.
•  Passgenauigkeit der Position: es wurde gleich beim ersten Gespräch über eine mögliche Funktion, die Branche aber auch über meine möglichen Wünsche und Karriereziele gesprochen.
•  Professionalität: Seriosität (keine leere Versprechungen und das von Anfang an) und absolute Zuverlässigkeit.
•  Schnelligkeit und Transparenz. Frau Nibel war eine der wenigen, wenn nicht die einzige Recruiter-in, die mich erstmal nach meinem Interesse an der besagten Position gefragt hatte, statt umgehend den Lebenslauf anzufordern.
Hierbei fühlt man sich nicht nur gut aufgehoben sondern vor allem ehrlich und professionell behandelt. Eben so, wie man es von einem Senior Recruiter erwartet.
Sofern ich in meinem Leben eines Tages doch noch eine neue Position suchen sollte, so wäre der Kontakt zu Hibernian Recruitment und zu Frau Nibel meine erste Wahl.“

“I have been working with Hibernian Recruitment since September 2019 and we are working together on a challenging project with a challenging customer. At Hibernian the colleagues are friendly and open and it is a pleasure working with them. During the initial interaction I had a chance to talk to Charlie (who is working as a Recruiter) and I found him very engaging and was able to clarify my doubts in time.”

“Working with the Hibernian Recruitment team has been effective, expedient, straightforward, and reliable.  They understand the business and were there to support me throughout the contract period.

Hibernian’s “no-nonsense” approach makes it easy to finalize an engagement.  The terms were very good and the follow-through consistent, uncomplicated, and on-time.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for interesting and challenging work in the IT industry in the Munich area”

Refreshingly different, focused and professional – I work with HR Hibernian Recruitment in my current project for a big player in the automotive industry. From the first contact to the present day, everything was always right, met my expectations, no air numbers, serious agreements with clear communication of customer requirements, accurate presentation of the challenges in the project, always great commitment and – not unimportant – absolute reliability in payment.
I have been self-employed as an IT expert in IT Service Management Consulting for 20+ years, have got to know many “agencies”, in all variants – I am very satisfied with HR Hibernian Recruitment and I wish them every success in their further development. It’s guaranteed to come if you continue like this.
I can only recommend HR Hibernian Recruitment

Pasquale Grippo
Data Insights GmbH
Jens Kallmeyer
Ab Initio Software Germany GmbH
Daniel Mutter
Sachbearbeiter Retouren Management
Vladim Ott
Data Engineer
Tarun Singhal
VMWare Expert
Tim Richardson
Project Manager
Thomas Metzler-Esch
Service Manager