Tech Trends to Watch in 2023

An exploration of what technologies will be relevant in 2023. From AI to robotics or VR, where will we see exciting new developments?

The pros and cons of being a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing market segments. But what makes it so desirable? What are the freedoms and challenges of going freelance?

From Senegal to IT. Inspiring people

Recruiting is about people. Each person brings their own story, motives and motivations. To bring employees and employers together, it often pays to take a closer look at these stories.  Today, we’re telling John’s story. He grew up in Senegal and very soon became interested in computer science and graduated from a computer science school. […]

Different worlds: From HP to BMW

Different worlds: From HP to BMW A few years ago I had the opportunity to change from HP to BMW as an IT specialist, and although in my late 40s, I embraced the change and mentally and emotionally prepared myself to seize this new job opportunity, after 15 years in HP. Not that I didn’t […]

Why cultural fit is one of the most important factors in hiring

Why cultural fit is one of the most important factors in hiring Businesses are like people, they have personalities. During the last couple of years companies have been beginning to realize, that fitting the culture is not merely a “nice to have”, but one of the most elemental factors, right up there with the candidates […]