How to get Snowflake Certified

You may have heard of Snowflake before: the cloud-based data warehousing platform which takes advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud while letting its users experience all the benefits of its SaaS offering. You may have seen that you can get Snowflake certified, or even our video announcing that Hibernian is now a […]

Five key themes which will reshape the future of work – a Bain& Company report

“Now is the time to focus the human side of work, which will allow leading firms to attract, develop and retain the workforce that is core to their future success.” – James Root, partner at Bain& Company and Bain Futures co-chair This project by Bain& Company cast a huge net, surveying 20.000 workers across multiple […]

Pay gap gender diversity

After looking at the topic of age diversity last week, this week we look at what is probably the most commonly discussed type of diversity, gender diversity. In many companies, one gender dominates, leading to a gender imbalance. In keeping with International Women’s Day, which takes place on March 08, we take a look at […]

From Senegal to IT. Inspiring people

Recruiting is about people. Each person brings their own story, motives and motivations. To bring employees and employers together, it often pays to take a closer look at these stories.  Today, we’re telling John’s story. He grew up in Senegal and very soon became interested in computer science and graduated from a computer science school. […]


Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the topic of diversity on our channels. But what does that actually mean? Diversity comes from Latin and means variety and diversity. The term Diversity focuses on the similarities and differences between us humans. The focus lies on historically evolved societal differentiations that have created […]

Intern in interview Inspiring people

Lots of inspiring people work at Hibernian Recruitment. We will introduce them to you! We will start with Mary. She is an intern at Hibernian. We asked her about her path through life and how she got here. Germany is a very popular destination for many foreign workers searching for employment and adventure. Many dream […]

6 billion euro project. EU wants own satellite internet

As recently as December 2020, the EU Commission launched a study to show whether the EU would be able to set up its own satellite Internet. This study will cost the EU 7.1 million euros. When it comes to stable Internet expansion, the European Union has often been criticized. This is now set to change.  The […]

The possibilities of AI and Deep Learning. When an algorithm writes poetry

Goethe, Schiller or Shakespeare. These are the great poets of the past. Poets who, even after centuries, have managed to remain en vogue in our fast-changing world. But who says that computers -or more precisely algorithms -can’t also be creative? Literary critics were astonished when the Brentano society, one of the most renowned literary associations, […]

Reviving the past. How Cobol is regaining importance through Corona.

Cobol – an outdated programming language used primarily for business analysis on mainframes until the 1950s. This programming language hit the headlines again with the Corona pandemic. But what is the connection between this worldwide crisis and an almost forgotten technology?  The Corona pandemic cost many people their jobs in recent months – especially in […]

How certificates make the difference and give an edge advantage Job search – made easy!

Particularly in IT professions, there are still many career changers these days.  There is nothing wrong with being a career changer at first. Nevertheless, many find it difficult to prove their self-acquired knowledge in the specific field of work when looking for a job. However, in today’s world, there is a myriad of choices For Self-paced Learning where a certified certificate can be achieved.  More […]