Data Engineer - Remote / Frankfurt - Oracle APEX

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Project description:

Support in the development and implementation of a data model for reporting commissioning.
Preparation and evaluation of sensor data and downstream systems
. Visualization of the calculated results including setting up a reporting system.
Support in the development of a data model for billing the services provided based on the service volumes.
Data preparation and transfer for the target system

Service description:

Database design: Design and implementation of database structures using Oracle databases, including tables, views, indexes, constraints, etc.
APEX application design: Develop user interfaces and application logic in Oracle APEX keeping in mind usability, efficiency and security
forms and Reporting: Creating forms, reports, and dashboards in APEX to allow users to enter, display, and analyze data Data
Integration: Integrating APEX applications with other systems and data sources, including RESTful Web Services, SOAP, database links, etc Implement security
: Implement security measures in APEX applications, including authentication, authorization, encryption, and protection against SQL injections and other attacks
Performance tuning: Identify and resolve performance issues in APEX applications, including tuning SQL queries, caching Strategies etc.
Troubleshooting and Maintenance: Diagnosing and fixing errors in existing APEX applications as well as regular maintenance and updates

MUST Requirement:

Min. 4 years of experience in developing complex Apex applications
Good knowledge and at least 4 years of experience in developing complex PL/SQL procedures and functions
Good knowledge and at least 4 years of experience in creating complex SQL queries
At least. 4 years of experience with Git or Subversion
at least. 4 years of experience with Scrum or Kanban

TARGET requirement:

Min. 3 years of experience working in agile teams
Practical experience from multiple industries (references from at least 3 industries)
Min. 2 years of experience with Confluence, Jira or similar
. 1 year of experience administering platforms in the AWS Cloud