MLOps Engineers (Machine learning operations)

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You will be working in a data science project as an MLOps Engineer and you will:

  1. Provide engineering (mlops, devops, cloud etc.) support to the project team
  2. Implement cloud architectures as designed by our cloud architects
  3. Maintain the project specific cloud accounts e.g. by including compliance requirements (cloud security findings), cost optimization, user access management etc.
  4. Develop and maintain project CICD pipelines in github
  5. Establish and maintain best practices (coding, cloud, devops, mlops) among the team
  6. Build and maintain Kubeflow pipelines in cooperation with the Data Scientists working in the project



  • Cloud (AWS, Azure):
    a. AWS (cloud architecting, engineering) >= 2 years
    b. Azure (Cloud architecting, engineering) >= 1 year
    c. Cloud security
    d. Cost optimization
  • MLOps:
    a. Kubeflow
    b. Mlflow
  • Devops
    a. Git
    b. Github Actions for CICD
    c. Docker
    d. Kubernetes
    e. IaC: Terraform, Cloudformation
  • Software engineering: > 3 years
  • Python: > 3 years
  • Databricks
  • Data Science: basic understanding
  • Machine learning frameworks:
    a. Pytorch
    b. Tensorflow
    c. Scikit-learn