Data Delivery lead

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Position Description
The Data Product Line within the program provides hybrid cloud solutions for several data-related services,
such as Databases, Message Brokers and Data Catalogs.
The organization of the Data Product Line is structured around the delivery process, including product
management, architecture, product delivery, and product operations.
We are seeking an experienced and passionate Product Delivery Lead (Senior Manager) for the Data product
Line of the project to join our international team.
This role will be responsible for leading engineering teams in the Data Product Line. The Data Product Delivery
lead will report to the Data Product line lead.

Targets in that Position
• Lead Product Delivery for Data product Line to deliver to Product Operations, working closely with the
Data Service line lead, Data Lead Architect, Data Product Management and Data Product Operations as
part of the Product line leadership team
• Team Leadership: Provide effective leadership to the Data Product Line delivery sub teams (Core Data
Services, Data Platform Services and Data Services Portability), fostering a collaborative and high-performance
work environment.
• Ensure Timely Delivery: Oversee and manage the Data delivery team to ensure timely delivery of
products specified by product management and designed by the architecture team.
• Release & dependency management: Oversee, and proactively manage internal and external
dependencies together with architects, product management and operations.
• Quality Assurance: Working with QA team members, implement and enforce quality assurance
measures to ensure the high quality of delivered products and services.
• Resource Management: Efficiently allocate resources, including personnel, time to maximize
productivity and achieve project goals.
• Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for process improvements, efficiency enhancements,
and skill development within the infrastructure compute & storage delivery teams.
• Risk Management: Proactively identify and mitigate risks that may impact project delivery or quality,
ensuring smooth project execution.
• Project Planning and Monitoring: Develop comprehensive project plans, track progress, and monitor all
activities within the Data Product Line to ensure alignment with project objectives and timelines.
• Collaboration and Coordination: Collaborate effectively with the product delivery leads of each product
line and the platform delivery management to ensure seamless integration and delivery of
infrastructure services across the organization.
• Reporting and Documentation: Generate reports and maintain documentation related to project
status, deliverables, and key performance indicators for internal and external stakeholders.