Customer Experience Engineer - 100% Remote (M/F/X)

Customer Experience Engineer – 100% Remote


As someone with a keen interest in Data Infrastructure Markets and the DevTool world you will know that over the past few years, analytics and business intelligence products have really changed the way we interact with data. Now, many big companies store data in a data warehouse or a data lake. They try to get insights from those data sets. Which can be super costly and time consuming.


And that’s where this company steps in, they help developers build data products at scale without having to worry about infrastructure, query time and all those really annoying issues that come up once you start working with huge data sets. The company ingests data at scale, lets the customer transform it using SQL and then exposes that data through API endpoints.


To give you an idea of the scale of data used by their customers: “Several of our customers are reading over 1.5 trillion rows on average per day via our DevTool and ingesting around 5 billion rows per day, others are making an average of 250 requests per second to our APIs querying several billion row datasets,” Says the CEO


Their current UK Customer Experience Engineer has moved into a new DevRel role and there is now an opening for someone else with a passion for products and DevTools that make customers lives easier and better to join this exciting company.


This is where you could step in. . .


As someone with a solid understanding of SQL but not necessarily written a PhD paper on it, in fact you don’t even have to have gone to university. Like myself this company believe in experience and knowledge not how you learnt to do what you do. Just do it well. Ideally you will have a Pre/Post sales background but not necessarily as that is something they are more than willing to coach you through, it’s the technical understanding of data and products they care about. And further to your SQL expertise you will know the likes of, Python, JavaScript, Rest APIs and have some understanding of the differences and similarities between Snowflake, DataBricks and MongoDB.


Hopefully you will know what a Customer Experience Engineer does day to day, but if not, you will work with other customer-centric engineers and engineering teams to resolve technical support escalations. This role will allow you to work directly with customers and stay close to engineering and product decisions where you can have an impact. Running demos, building POCs and guiding customers to inevitable success.


So obviously to be successful in this role, you must thrive on problem solving and care about making customers successful. As this is a fully remote position you will also need to be a self-starter, able to work autonomously and manage your own workload and time.

In return you get unlimited holiday, no set hours, an excellent pay packet with an OTE of £150-£180k, generous pension contributions, equipment budget of £2600 for laptop & phone etc. As a smallish company their work often is very collaborative and you will be able to pull on any one and all of your colleagues to help with any tasks. Regular team meetings, 1-2-1s and slack channels keep everyone well connected.


When asked how would you sell this position their CRO responded with: “If you’re passionate about what’s going on at the Data Intersection of the DevTool and Data Infrastructure Markets you simply won’t find an SE/CE opportunity better than this. And I might be biased, but I’m not wrong”

And the person whose shoes you’ll be stepping into: “Not only is this a massive opportunity to work with the best in the data world; but I will reward whoever joins with a case of beer – or – equivalent”


So what are you waiting for?


Apply today or give me a call to find out more! / 07808020116